Announcing the High Dose Influenza Vaccine Project for Seniors 65 and Older

Our 2019 “Stand Up Straight’ Initiative

You’ve just connected with the Richmond/Delta chapter of CARP and we – on behalf of all BC CARP chapters, – as we did in 2018, are spearheading the 2019 influenza vaccination initiative for seniors 65 and older, so congratulations; you have already taken the first step in maintaining your own good health.

We are going to help you fight influenza this upcoming season, in the best possible manner.

Now, you know its coming.  You know its going to be another bad season.  What you may not know is you
can actually do something pro-active about it to maximize your protection!

Get your influenza shot, yes… but not  just the regular vaccine.  Read on to discover why you should take charge of your health by getting a high-dose influenza shot.  (Or if you’ve already decided your health is worth a small investment, then click either of the registration buttons above)

We have enlisted the support of the London Drugs, Save-On-Foods and Naz’s Pharmacies so that you can register and sign up for your own personal vaccine at the closest location to you, with a guaranteed price for the vaccine!

Healthy Seniors

If you are 65 or older and register with us before November 15th, these companies will honour a flat $75.00 charge (per dose), including everything – all dispensing fees, all professional charges and all taxes.

Our 2019 “Stand Up Straight’ Project Initiative – Fighting Influenza!

Influenza – commonly called the flu – has been around for centuries.  Despite the common nature of this virus, it wasn’t until the 1940’s that an effective vaccine was created.  Influenza vaccines are proven to be a safe and effective way to help people stay healthy, prevent illness, and even save lives. However, as people age, they tend to be at higher risk of complications from influenza. Influenza can also lead to many more complications for people who have heart, lung or other health conditions, which can sometimes even be fatal. For this reason, seniors age 65 years and older are advised to get an inactivated influenza vaccine, or flu shot, each year.  Unfortunately, standard influenza vaccines are generally about half as effective among older adults compared to younger adults.

To address the need for better influenza vaccines for older adults, a high-dose version of the flu vaccine was approved for use in the US in 2009 and in Canada in 2015.  The High-Dose influenza vaccine has demonstrated superior protection compared to the standard dose vaccine and according to Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), in their 2018-2019 seasonal influenza vaccine statement, they state that…

At an individual level, NACI recommends that high-dose TIV should be offered over standard-dose TIV to persons 65 years of age and older..”

Based on the higher protection of the high-dose vaccine and NACI’s recommendation, several provinces currently cover high-dose vaccinations for seniors.  British Columbia, however, is not one of them.  And as you may or may not know, CARP is currently advocating for this on your behalf, both as part of a provincial lobbying group and as part of the universal pharmacare (all prescription medications) program in Canada.

Since the High Dose Influenza vaccine was introduced nearly a dozen years ago, over 90 million adults 65 years of age and older have been vaccinated against influenza using this 4-times-more-powerful formulation which has demonstrated superior efficacy over the standard dose. So, until B.C.’s Ministry of Health do decide to fund it – if they ever do – we are forced to make a decision: rely on the standard dose for protection… or purchase the superior product on our own.

Which is where the CARP BC Fluzone High Dose Initiative comes in to the picture. We are doing our best to make it easy for seniors 65 and older and convenient for those – that see the value of protecting themselves to their best possible ability – to get the high-dose vaccination.

 Helpful Links:

Health Link BC –

Canada Public Health-

BC Center for Disease Control –

Carp’s National’s Flu Info –

And with October 1st being National Senior’s Day, CARP BC is honouring this day of recognition by offering this unique opportunity for seniors 65 and older – in conjunction with the ‘Stand Up Straight’ initiative – to take control of a small part of the way you can choose to live.

We’d love to have you join us!

This is your exclusive opportunity to take more effective control of your health as you face the 2019-2020 influenza season.  And tell your friends, whether they belong to CARP or not!

Act now, and reserve your vaccination and stay healthy this year!

Our registration program ends four weeks later, on Friday, November 15th at 5 p.m.;
no orders will be taken through our site after that date.

To Register
London Drugs or Save-On Foods

  1. Register through one of the above buttons
  2. Fill in your… (for each person wishing a vaccination)
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Telephone number (please indicate whether it is a home [H] or cellular [C] number)
    • Email address
    • Preferred location (company/location number) for the vaccination (1st choice)
    • Preferred location (company/location) for the vaccination (2nd choice)
  3. Print off the appropriate consent form (London Drugs, Save-On-Foods or Naz’s Pharmacy, depending on the location choice you make) and complete the information prior to going for your vaccination.
    (NOTE: This will need to be done at the pharmacy if you don’t do it at home!)
  4. That’s it!! The pharmacy will contact you anytime after the first week of October to arrange for your vaccination.

NOTE: This project is being run on the honour system. If you commit by registering for a dose, you will be expected to pay for it and have it administered.

Contact Us

Project Chairman: Geoff Cowman

(604) 352-5714

Here’s How it Works…

  1. The vaccine orders will be assimilated (by us) and will then be forwarded to the appropriate pharmacy (either London Drugs, Save-On-Foods or Naz’s Pharmacies, as you chose) for them to them place the order with the suppliers.
  2. The head offices of London Drugs, Save-On-Foods and Naz’s Pharmacies will then ensure that the distribution of the correct number of vaccines doses will be sent to the appropriate locations.
  3. Please know that the high-dose vaccine doses are shipped in packages of 5, so if this minimum number is not reached at your primary location choice, you will be asked to go to your secondary choice.
  4. When the orders arrive at the pharmacy, their staff will contact you via email or telephone, depending on your choice, to advise you that your vaccine is in – at the location that you specified as your first choice.
  5. When you go in to the pharmacy, they will take care of the paperwork and the collection of the $75.00 fee.
    It will not be necessary to show your CARP card (although it wouldn’t hurt!) and they will administer the vaccine and provide you with the follow-up instructions.


We encourage you to tell your family and friends over the age of 65 about our initiative.

Anyone can register – we want to get out this program out to as many seniors as possible – and so please let everyone that you know about this opportunity to ‘Stand Up Straight’ in 2019! If a London Drugs, Save-On-Foods or Naz’s Pharmacy is not nearby, please check with their own local pharmacy to get the high dose vaccine.

And if you’re not already part of Canada’s largest group of advocates, go to to see why you should… and just how easy it is to join!

Our mission of advocacy on behalf of Canada’s seniors

Officially, CARP is Canada’s largest advocacy group with over 320,000 members as of the end of 2017.Despite our massive volunteer base of seniors, we do have a small team of professionals at our Toronto headquarters that works with government – primarily at the federal and provincial levels – to bring about change for all seniors in this country.  From pension reform to fraud protection, affordable housing to universal pharmacare, we tackle the tough issues on behalf of those who typically do not like to ‘raise a stink’.  With more people over the age of 65 in this country than there are under the age of 15, we talk loudly about the tendency of our leaders to discriminate, creating initiatives and devoting resources to the latter (smaller) group and limiting service for the larger demographic.

(Let’s remember which of those two groups votes!)

As one of their major advocacy platforms in 2017, C.A.R.P. launched a program called ‘Stand Up Straight’. It was born out of an intense desire on the part of President Moses Znaimer to get seniors to stand up for a better life by taking control of their life; their diet, their fitness, their financial status, their overall health… everything.  It’s about taking firmer and more pro-active control, instead of being a reactive and passive observer, as many of them learned to be growing up.

This project is all about taking one step to protect your health by investing in yourself.

And how the CARP chapters in BC, headed up by Richmond/Delta’s advocacy team, have a quick and easy way for you to do just that!

We can offer a guaranteed service, at a guaranteed price, in a guaranteed time frame… to give you peace of mind and unparalleled convenience.

Click here if you wish to join CARP first!


A Brief Overview of CARP

Founded in 1985, we are a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of adults 45 and over. We work with the goal of promoting social change for seniors in order to bring financial security, equitable access to health care and freedom from discrimination to its members.  And anyone can get involved by joining the organization.

The ‘A-B-C’s of purpose for serving seniors are Advocacy, Benefits and Community care.

In short, we’re devoted to helping Canadian seniors as they age, with more grace and control.